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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Commemorate Veterans Day with The Juniper Center

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

The Juniper Center
1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 320
Park Ridge, IL , 60068

(847) 759-9110

The Juniper Center of Park Ridge invites veterans, their families and the community to commemorate Veterans Day with lunch and special activities to promote relaxation and body awareness, which can be a challenge after traumatic life experiences. For more information, call 847-759-9110 Ext. 1 or email info@thejunipercenter.com. The Juniper Center’s intensive trauma recovery program is provided at 1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 320, Park Ridge, IL.

The Juniper Center invites veterans, their families and the community to pause and say "thank you for your service" on this Veterans Day.


Please join us for a delicious lunch, a tour of the new facility, and activities to help de-stress and build health and body awareness. This FREE event is open to veterans, their families and the community

Join us on Wednesday, November 11, from Noon - 2pm at The Juniper Center.

The Juniper Center is a premier trauma recovery center in the Midwest. Founded by Dr. Margo Jacquot in 1996, The Juniper Center provides expert individualized care by 15 therapists in five locations, specializing in the areas of trauma recovery, addiction, sexuality and gender identity, and couples and family therapy.

The Juniper Center’s intensive trauma recovery program is provided at

1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 320, Park Ridge

For more information, call (847) 759-9110, ext. 1

or email info@thejunipercenter.com

People affected by traumatic events just want to feel better. Using state of the art treatments we help people sleep better, feel less angry, feel less startled or afraid, and overall have better, more satisfying lives. Trauma responses are a result of the brain's emergency response system getting stuck in the "on" position. We work with you to help get your brain and body back in balance so that you can move on with your life. Dr. Whitney Fandel and Family Tree Chiropractic promote well-being and the enhancement of health by concentrating on the location and removal of a severe form of spine and nerve stress.


• Help Your Body Relax through Movement with The Juniper Center

• Gas Pedal Stuck? Learn how to Apply the Brake and Find Balance with Family Tree Chiropractic


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